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Strange Noises in the Night



Something strange has recently started happening to me.  I’ve had several episodes in the couple of months and most recently yesterday morning, which kind of unnerved me being currently on my own.

The thing is I keep being woken suddenly with a loud doorbell ringing and when I get to the door there is no one there.  The ring is very loud and to me it seems louder than our usual doorbell.  I wondered whether it has something to do with the medication I’m on so I decided to check it out on the internet.

Of course, there were lots of sites with people warning about using Seroquel, but for me it’s made me feel so much better and there really wasn’t any conclusive information on these sounds in my sleep.  But I did find some interesting sites.  Has anyone heard of phantom doorbell syndrome, I hadn’t and to be honest it still hasn’t given me much by way of answers, however fascinating it is.

It does however seem to be very common, and theories include communication from a deceased loved one, an inner alarm clock to sleep apnea. Has anyone any experience of this or any knowledge, I’d love some feedback.  I’ve mentioned it to my doctors and they have no explanation.

Any thoughts, anyone.