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Vertigo-Please Stand Still while I’m Talking to You


Hands up if you’ve ever had vertigo!  Not the occasional head spin on standing up too quickly.  I mean crawling on your hands and knees vertigo, extreme nausea vertigo, being drunk without the fun bits vertigo or reeling into doors/furniture/people just because you’re standing up vertigo.  If you ever have you’ll know it.  Well I found something that works, yesterday, seriously works.

My vertigo started about 14 months ago, my first episode was short but very scary and from that, they started increasing in duration and frequency, and at my worst episode my daughter thought I was having a stroke.  Of course I started worrying then panicking because contrary to popular belief I am only human and like magic when you worry things instantly gets worse.

Let me just say if you haven’t had your vertigo checked out, please do yourself a favour and do so because there are a small number of particularly icky reasons for it and it’s best to rule them out early.  My MRI showed a normal brain, relatively speaking, stop smirking Eilis, Phil, Dessy, Majella, my children etc., etc.  It ruled out anything sinister and I was diagnosed with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, a common cause for vertigo.

Now for the sciency bit, basically I have rocks in my head, only itty bitty tiny ones, but nonetheless rocks.  Tiny little calcium carbonate crystals build up creating otoconia (the rocks) and may move into parts of the inner ear causing imbalance.  That’s the gist of it, if you want more info talk to Mr. Google.

My episodes had settled but recently they’d started returning and yesterday, I turned over in bed, opened my eyes and the world started spinning.  I had no choice, I had an early appointment and had to get up, but about 4pm after spending the day narrowly avoiding involuntarily throwing myself under vehicles, other people and furniture, I went onto youtube and typed in vertigo.                                                            

                                              ♪ ♪ Hallelujah, hallelujah ♪♪

About 4 down the page was a video entitled “Vertigo Treatment-How to treat Vertigo”.  It was uploaded by an OringoOtorolOtolyng, Ear person who suffers from vertigo herself, following research she came up with the Half Somersault Manoeuvre to shift the above mentioned rocks.  I know, Somersault, I panicked too, I hadn’t done one in at least 30 years.  But I think I’ve already mentioned it really works.  I could feel a slight improvement within 15 mins, an hour later even more and this morning I woke up to a mercifully still room.


2 responses

  1. kristalfitzpatrick

    Hi, I’m new to blogging and like how you described vertigo as “being drunk without the fun bits”. I know exactly how it feels, I too suffer with Vertigo.

    19/07/2014 at 11:02

    • Hi it’s exactly like that isn’t it. Try the half somersault next time it works a treat. Good luck with the blogging and thanks for stopping by. Best wishes Gillian

      19/07/2014 at 11:13

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