The Observations and Obsessions of a Superego's Sidekick

My anti-invention

What would you un-invent? And why.

Ok, I’m probably going to be very unpopular for saying this and maybe un-invent is the wrong word but I choose Social Networking. And perhaps I’m going to sound a little hypocritical too, in that I have Plinky, twitter, facebook etc. accounts, I do because I see the benefits in social networking also. I think we’ve become too reliant on social networking and it has replaced social interaction and communication.

How many friendships have faded away because it relied on facebook statuses to keep it fed, and bullying has taken on a new life with cyber-bullying and it’s sinister, unrelenting gang mentality. We are so busy now, but are we any busier than people 100 or so years ago. People then, went to work, raised their families and prepared and ate meals. But they also knew how to really communicate, we’ve lost the art of letter writing, sadly.

Today we have many modern conveniences, that makes all those jobs easier and less time consuming, dishwashers, online banking, washing machines, ready prepared meals etc. etc. and yet life is so much more hectic, and so we rely on social networking to keep in touch.

Social networking however, has allowed me to reconnect with friends from my past, WordPress has allowed me to write and publish and twitter to keep up with scientific innovations and social commentary. There are a great many benefits to social networking, but there are also too many abuses.

My hope is that social networking continues and constantly re-invents, re-evaluates and monitors itself and that people use it wisely, respectfully and responsibly and are aware of it’s limitations. And most importantly that people, fundamentally sociable beings never lose the desire to see, hear and touch others.

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