The Observations and Obsessions of a Superego's Sidekick

Wandering Souls


Do I believe in soul mates, yes I do. 25 years ago I dreamed of meeting my perfect man, someone to love and cherish, to share my hopes, dreams and interests with and to grow old together. I was the perfect romantic!

Come forward 15 years and the cynic in me said hell no, I certainly didn’t meet and marry my soul mate. We go through life meeting people and to a greater or lesser degree we bond with them and that’s it. Nothing more.

But in the last few years I met someone for whom I can’t deny an uncanny connection. Someone comfortable, warm and whom I trust completely. A joyful and wise old soul and someone I ‘get’-mostly.  A wonderful friend.

The internet is abundant in peoples ideas and definitions of a soul mate for the most part romantic, the life partner but my favourite is very simply ‘the other you’ .

So are we each only allocated one soul mate. Could there be other ‘other mes’ out there. Could the universe be that lucky!! Could I have another chance at happiness and having it all. Maybe fate will allow me the courage and wisdom to follow my heart when and if it happens again.

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