The Observations and Obsessions of a Superego's Sidekick

A Historical Event I'd Time Travel To

Boadicea Statue

Oh I love this question but it's so hard to pick just one. Would it be reign of the Tudors, England through the middle ages, the last days of the reign of Nicholas II of Russia, or to go back and witness the 1st man on the moon through the eyes of adult this time. I can't decide so I'm going to pick three.

1. To witness the rage, spirit and strength of the warrior Queen Boadicea against the might of Roman Britain.

2. To witness the birth of the 1st millennium.

3. And the sinking of the Titanic, and it's impact in it's time.

Would I be tempted to try and change history in any way, maybe, I'm a busybody and a bit of a know it all.

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